See section of the Faculty Handbook for the complete description of the Academic Senate.


S-11/12-1 - Motion re: Voting for the Seminar Models, as requested by the Seminar Review Committee

S-11/12-2 - Resolution to amend Faculty Handbook, Collegiate Seminar Governing Board

S-11/12-3 - Seminar Model Vote, Senate Appproval of Model 3.

S-11/12-4 - Resolution re: Report and Recommendations of the Faculty Salary Task Force

S-11/12-5 - Removal of the Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Committee (EEOCC) from the Faculty Handbook (various sections)

S-11/12-6CA - Permanent Status of Math 114 - Mathematical Modeling

S-11/12-7CA  -  Course approval: Politics 126 - Food Politics

S-11/12-8CA  -  Course approval: History 10 - Introduction to Historical Methods

S-11/12-9CA  -  Course approval: TRS 163, Saints Yesterday and Today

S-11/12-10  -  English 5 Proposal from the Core Curr Comm: revise the timing of composition courses in the new core curriculum

S-11/12-11  -  AARC recommendation re: the Waiver of a Prerequisite

S-11/12-12  -  Amended Catalog Language re Commencement

S-11/12-13  -  Handbook Language re: Revised Membership of the Social Justice Coordinating Committee

S-11/12-14  -  Resolution for Revision of the Academic Calendar

S-11/12-15  -  Senate Action re: Accounting Program Revision Proposal

                             ---   Accounting Program Revision Proposal

S-11/12-16  -  Faculty Handbook Revision Sec Library Committee

S-11/12-17  -  Commendation for Br. Gustavo Ramirez Barba

S-11/12-18CA  -  New course - Anatomy for Kinesiology: Biology 13/14

S-11/12-19CA  -  Proposal to improve the Science preparation of students in the Health Human Performance Major in the Dept of Kinesiology

S-11/12-20  -  New Seminar Sequence Catalog Language

S-11/12-21CA  -  Collegiate Seminar General Catalog Language

S-11/12-22CA  -  New .25 Activity Course - TRS 168: Encountering Christian Art: Rome

S-11/12-23CA  -  New course - Kinesiology 106: Women in Sport

S-11/12-24CA  -  New course - Sociology 115: Wealth and Poverty

S-11/12-25CA  -  Sociology Program Changes

S-11/12-26CA  -  Performing Arts 116: Keyboard Harmony

S-11/12-27  -  First Year Advising (FYAC) Proposal

S-11/12-28  -  Board of Trustees Approved Faculty Salary Policy to be Added to the Faculty Handbook

S-11/12-29CA  -  Akita University Study Abroad Proposal

S-11/12-30  -  Approval of the Core Curriculum Committee Working Groups for 2012-2013

S-11/12-31  -  Calendar Task Force Report, accepted by Senat

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