SENATE ACTIONS 2012-2013   [click here to view the list of Senate actions and their status.]

 S-12/13-1 - Senate Rules of Procedure

S-12/13-2 - Codification of Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for Senate Subcommittees

S-12/13-3 - R&T language, FH sec Additional Criteria, Full Professor

S-12/13-4 - Pilot Program for Electronic-based Course Evaluation System

S-12/13-5 - Credit Hour Policy

S-12/13-6 - Academic Calendar Proposal - Model 3

S-12/13-7CA - Proposal for several Catalog Changes for the Psychology Department

S-12/13-8CA - New Course Proposal, Biology 128, Advanced Human Anatomy

S-12/13-9CA - Proposed Catalog Change, Art History, AH193

S-12/13-10CA - Proposed Catalog Changes for the 3+2 Engineering Program

S-12/13-11 - FH amended language, (2) Interim Reviews Conducted by the R&T Committee; change "Tenured Associate Professors" to "Pre-Professor Interim Review"

S-12/13-12 - FH amended language (3) Interim Reviews Conducted by the R&T Committee; remove exceptions

S-12/13-13 - FH amended language, Sabbatical Eligibility Criteria

S-12/13-14CA - Academic Calendar

S-12/13-15CA - Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies (BALOS) - Final Approval

S-12/13-16 -  Faculty Welfare Committee Policies and Procedures

S-12/13-17 - Core Curriculum Committee Policies and Procedures

S-12/13-18CA  -  Catalog Change for ART 196

S-12/13-19CA  -  New Major in Art Theory & Criticism

S-12/13-20CA  -  Change in Major of the Department of Psychology

                          -  Senate Action Letter re: S-12/13-20CA

S-12/13-21  -  Rules of Procedure for the January Term Committee

S-12/13-22  -  Rules of Procedure for the Admissions and Academic Regulations Committee

S-12/13-23  -  Rules of Procedure for the Program Review Committee

S-12/13-24  -  Rules of Procedure for the Graduate & Professional Studies Educational Policies Committee

S-12/13-25  -  Rules of Procedure for the Collegiate Seminar Governing Board

S-12/13-26  -  Proposed Student Handbook language for the Academic Appeal Process

S-12/13-27  -  Remand to CoC, review of the Employee Benefits Advisory Committee (EBAC)

                      -  Senate Accepted the CoC's revised EBAC proposal on 4-4-13

S-12/13-28CA  -  New course, Physics 102

S-12/13-29CA  -  Catalog Change, Performing Arts 132/142

S-12/13-30  -  Authorization for Full Implementation of the Online Course Evaluation System (Pilot approved S-12/13-4)

S-12/13-31  -  Adjunct Faculty Position Protocol

S-12/13-32CA - Perfa 60/130/160 Course Proposals

                            Perfa Proposal

S-12/13-33CA - Health Science Change in Name & Math Requirement

                            Health Science Proposal

S-12/13-34CA - Psych 169: Attitudes and Attitude change Course Proposal

                           Psych 169 Proposal

S-12/13-35 - Honors Program Priority Registration Proposal

S-12/13-36 - First Year Task Force Recommendation for 2013-2014 only

S-12/13-37 - Committee on Committees Rules of Procedure

S-12/13-27 - CoC revised Employee Benefits Advisory Committee proposal at the 4-4-13 meeting

S-12/13-38CA - [click here for the proposal] >>New Minor: Art Theory & Criticism

S-12/13-39CA - [click here for the proposal]  >>New Concentration Ethnic Studies -  Intergroup Dialog/Interactive Theater

S-12/13-40CA - New Course Proposa l- Accounting 178

S-12/13-41  -  Commendation of Alvaro Rodriguez Echeverria, FSC for Convocation

S-12/13-42CA  -  Suspend Enrollment of the READ Program, KSOE

S-12/13-43CA  -  [click here to view the proposal] >>Program Closure, 2+2 Nursing

S-12/13-44CA   -   International Area Studies, Global and Regional Studies

S-12/13-45CA  -  [click here to view the proposal]  >>New Course Art History 190, Research and Writing Methods

S-12/13-46CA  -  [click here to view the proposal] >>Politics 110, Add Community Base Research and .25 Credit

                             Politics 140, Add Community Base Research and .25 Credit

S-12/13-47CA  -  [click here to view the proposal] >>Politics 129: Politics of the Developing Countries

S-12/13-48CA  -  [click here to view the proposal] >>University of Technology Sydney, Australia

S-12/13-49  -  Faculty Handbook Revisions re: New Credit-Hour Policy

S-12/13-50  -  Resolution to Amend the Faculty Handbook re: Provost Position

S-12/13-51  -  Resolution in Appreciation of Br. Ronald Gallagher's Term as President

S-12/13-52  -  Amend the Faculty Handbook language re: the Faculty Welfare Committee

S-12/13-53  - (To File): Senate accepted the First-Year Advising Task Force Final Report

S-12/13-54CA - Revision of Psych 195

S-12/13-55CA  -  Program Change, 3 + 2 Engineering

S-12/13-56CA  -  Leadership for Social Justice Certificate Program

S-12/13-57CA  -  ProQuest Policy for SMC Theses and Dissertations

S-12/13-58  -  Revised Faculty Handbook Language; Committee on Committees

S-12/13-59  -  Revised Faculty Handbook Language; Nominations; Balloting

S-12/13-60  -  Core Curriculum Working Groups for AY 2013-2014

S-12/13-61  - [click here to view the proposal] >> Tuition Exchange Program Change in Eligibility

S-12/13-62  -  First Year Advising Proposal to Create a Position of Faculty Coordinator of First Year Advising

S-12/13-63  -  First Year Advising, Model 2 and a Resolution to Create a Steering Committee for Implementation