Admissions & Academic Regulations Committee

Charge: To "make recommendations to the Academic Senate concerning ... the recruitment of students, ... factors that affect admissions yield and retention, ... academic regulations, and standards and evaluation processes for both faculty and students in connection with academic classes, and for faculty academic advising in connection with student matriculation."

See section of the complete Faculty Handbook description of the AARC.


AARC Rules of Procedure


2017-2018 Membership

Charlie Hamaker - Chair

Maria Luisa Ruiz

Yuan Li

Anne Carpenter




2014-2015 Membership

Charles Hamaker - Chair

William Lee

Maria Ruiz

Greg Smith

Hisham Ahmed, Senate Liaison





2013-2014 Membership

Mari-Anne Rosario, Chair

Ellen Rigsby

Asbjorn Moseidjord

William Lee

Valerie Burke, Senate Liaison




2012-2013 Membership

Deane Lamont

Maria Pagliarini  -  CHAIR

Mari-Anne Rosario

William Lee

Keith Ogawa  -  Senate Liaison


2011-2012 Membership

Gregory Smith - Chair

Roy Allen

Deane Lamont

Maria Pagliarini

David Bird - Senate Liaison


2010-2011 Membership

Anna Novakov - Chair

Maria Pagliarini

Roy Allen

Gregory Smith

David Bird - Senate Liaison


2009-2010 Membership:

Lynyonne Cotton

Joseph Lupino

Anna Novakov

Jennifer Heung, Chair

Ed Tywoniak   Liaison Senator


2008-2009 Membership:

Joseph Lupino

Rosemary Graham

Lynyonne Cotton, Chair

Mary McCall

Tom Poundstone,  Senate vice chairperson


2007-2008 Membership:

Annalee Lamoreaux Chairperson

Craig Johnson

Joseph Lupino

Cynthia Van Gilder

Ben Davis