Program Review Committee

The goals of the committee are to create clear guidelines regarding content and form for a systematic review of all undergraduate and graduate degree and non-degree programs on a six-year, rotating basis" and then "Administer that review process."

See section of the complete Faculty Handbook description of the PRC.


PRC Rules of Procedure 


New Guidelines for Program Review dated May 2017

   ----    Learning Outcomes Assessment Overview Report Form


Program Calendar by School



2017-2018 Membership

Elizabeth Hamm - Chair
David Quijada
Arnav Sheth
Gloria Sosa
James Berleman
Manisha Anantharaman
Patty Wade





Frank Murray, Chair
Elizabeth Hamm
Caroline Doran
Gloria Sosa
David Chambers
Patty Wade - Library Representative






Frank Murray, Chair

Frances Sweeney

Caroline Doran

Kathleen Taylor

James Temple

Suzy Thomas

Patty Wade

OPEN - Institutional Research Representative


2014-2015 MEMBERSHIP

Emily Hause - Chair

Frances Sweeney, SOLA representative

Sankaran Venkateswar, SEBA representative

Kathleen Taylor, KSOE representative

Sue Marston. At-large graduate faculty

Suzy Thomas, Senate Liaison

Patty Wade, Library representative

Chris Procello, Institutional Research




2013-2014 Membership

Frances Sweeney, Chair

Emily Hause, Science Rep

Nancy Lam - SEBA Rep

Mary Kay Moskal - KSOE Rep

Suzy Thomas - At-Large Tenured Graduate Rep

Martin Rokeach -  Senate Liaison

Patty Wade  -  Library Representative

Chris Procello - Institutional Research





2012-2013 Membership

Frances Sweeney - Chair

Elena Escalera* - Science Rep

OPEN - Graduate at-large

Suzy Thomas - Education Rep

Nancy Lam  -  SEBA undergraduate faculty rep

Sharon Radcliff - Library Representative

Marty Rokeach  -  Senate Liaison




2011-2012 Membership

Roy Allen  -  Chair

Emily Hause

Myrna Santiago

Nancy Dulberg

Nancy Sorenson

Sharon Radcliff - Library Representative

Claude Malary - Senate Liaison


2010-2011 Membership

Catherine Banbury - Chair

Myrna Santiago

Lidia Luquet

Roy Allen

Nancy Dulberg

Sharon Radcliff - (Library Rep)

Keith Ogawa - Senate Liaison


2009-2010 Membership

Yung-Jae Lee - Chair

Brother Richard Lemberg

Sue Marston

Lidia Luquet

Catherine Banbury

Myrna Santiago


2008-2009 Membership

Jeffrey Sigman

Norris Palmer

Yung-Jae Lee, Chairperson

Kaetlyn Lad

Mary Kay Moskal

Brother Richard Lemberg,  Library

Marty Rokeach,  Senate Liaison

Please contact Chair Yung-Jae Lee if you have need or interest to attend the meetings.


2007-08 Membership

Lisa Manter Chairperson

Shyam Kamath

Carol Lashof

Yung Jae Lee

Brother Richard Lemberg (Library)

Mary Kay Moskal (PRC only)

Linda Herkenhoff (PRC only)

Anna Novakov (PRC only)