Program Review Committee

The goals of the committee are to create clear guidelines regarding content and form for a systematic review of all undergraduate and graduate degree and non-degree programs on a six-year, rotating basis" and then "Administer that review process."

See section of the complete Faculty Handbook description of the PRC.



2017-2018 Membership

Elizabeth Hamm - Chair Fall 2018 and January 2018
Caroline Doran - Chair Spring 2018
David Quijada
Arnav Sheth
Gloria Sosa
James Berleman
Manisha Anantharaman
Patty Wade

John Hofmann - Director of Assessment

2016-2017 Membership

Frank Murray, Chair
Elizabeth Hamm
Caroline Doran
Gloria Sosa
David Chambers
Patty Wade - Library Representative


2015-2016 Membership

Frank Murray, Chair
Frances Sweeney
Caroline Doran
Kathleen Taylor
James Temple
Suzy Thomas
Patty Wade
OPEN - Institutional Research Representative

2014-2015 Membership

Emily Hause - Chair
Frances Sweeney, SOLA representative
Sankaran Venkateswar, SEBA representative
Kathleen Taylor, KSOE representative
Sue Marston. At-large graduate faculty
Suzy Thomas, Senate Liaison
Patty Wade, Library representative
Chris Procello, Institutional Research

2013-2014 Membership

Frances Sweeney, Chair
Emily Hause, Science Rep
Nancy Lam - SEBA Rep
Mary Kay Moskal - KSOE Rep
Suzy Thomas - At-Large Tenured Graduate Rep
Martin Rokeach -  Senate Liaison
Patty Wade  -  Library Representative
Chris Procello - Institutional Research

2012-2013 Membership

Frances Sweeney - Chair
Elena Escalera* - Science Rep
OPEN - Graduate at-large
Suzy Thomas - Education Rep
Nancy Lam  -  SEBA undergraduate faculty rep
Sharon Radcliff - Library Representative
Marty Rokeach  -  Senate Liaison

2011-2012 Membership

Roy Allen  -  Chair
Emily Hause
Myrna Santiago
Nancy Dulberg
Nancy Sorenson
Sharon Radcliff - Library Representative
Claude Malary - Senate Liaison

2010-2011 Membership

Catherine Banbury - Chair
Myrna Santiago
Lidia Luquet
Roy Allen
Nancy Dulberg
Sharon Radcliff - (Library Rep)
Keith Ogawa - Senate Liaison

2009-2010 Membership

Yung-Jae Lee - Chair
Brother Richard Lemberg
Sue Marston
Lidia Luquet
Catherine Banbury
Myrna Santiago

2008-2009 Membership

Jeffrey Sigman
Norris Palmer
Yung-Jae Lee, Chairperson
Kaetlyn Lad
Mary Kay Moskal
Brother Richard Lemberg,  Library
Marty Rokeach,  Senate Liaison
Please contact Chair Yung-Jae Lee if you have need or interest to attend the meetings.

2007-08 Membership

Lisa Manter Chairperson
Shyam Kamath
Carol Lashof
Yung Jae Lee
Brother Richard Lemberg (Library)
Mary Kay Moskal (PRC only)
Linda Herkenhoff (PRC only)
Anna Novakov (PRC only)