2013-2014 AGENDAS

April 7, 2014

Supporting documents:

Cover letter for revised curriculum for Liberal & Civic Studies

JCL 10 Intro to Justice, Community, & Leadership: The U.S. and "Us"

Likely Questions about the L&CS to JCL Proposal

JCL Proposed Changes to the Liberal & Civic Studies Program

JCL 120 Syllabus - Theory & Inquiry in Justice, Community & Leadership

JCL Academic Name Change Proposal Form

JCL 150 Course Proposal - Leadership in Justice & Community

JCL Course Table by Track

Application for Permanent Course Approval, POL 100 - Writing, Research & Analysis for the Politics Major

POL 100 Syllabus

POL 100 Library Review

New Course Proposal Perfa 80 - Dance Science

March 17, 2014

Supporting documents:

New Math Major Proposal

Dean Letter re: Math Major Proposal

Jan Term/Collegiate Seminar Survey letter

Seminar, Jan Term, R&T Participation

New Course Proposal History 114

Library Review History 110

History 110 Syllabus

New Course Proposal TRS 127

TRS 127 Syllabus

TRS 127 Library Review

February 10, 2014

Supporting documents:

Asian Dance Proposal - PERFA 181-01
---   Asian Dance Syllabus
---   Asian Dance Library Review

December 2, 2013

Supporting documents:

References to Student Evaluations in Faculty Handbook

Course Evaluation Administrative Policy

New Course: Math 131, Topology

Engineering 3+2 Proposal to Adjust the Core

November 11, 2013

Supporting documents:

AH 188 Applied Research: Community Service Proposal
AH 188 Applied Research Library Review
AH 188 Updated Syllabus

BusAd 130: Sports Marketing New Course Proposal

Proposal to Change the Requirements in the Sport and Recreation Management Track in Kinesiology
Kines 122, Advanced Strength and Conditioning
Kines 127, Health Promotion: Planning and Evalution
Kines 127 Syllabus
Kines Proposal to Add a Health Promotion Track in Kinesiology

October 21, 2013

Supporting Documents:

Approval Process for New Undergraduate and Professional Certificates
Institutional Learning Outcomes - Bachelor's Degree
Institutional Learning Outcomes Timeline
nstitutional Learning Outcomes Context and History


September 30, 2013

Supporting documents:

UEPC Rules of Procedure

New Course Proposal: KINES 14 Intro to Public Health

                                  KINES 14 Library Review

                                  KINES 14 Syllabus

Change in major requirements for Performing Arts

New Course Proposal: SOC 140 Senior Research Seminar

                                   SOC 140 Library Review

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