Fall 2012 Sabbatical Symposium

Welcome your colleagues returning from sabbatical, learn about their research and continue conversations at the Welcome Back Reception/Dinner.

     * When: Friday, September 7, 3 to 5 p.m., preceding the Faculty Welcome Back Reception/Dinner

    * Where: Orinda Room, Soda Center

    * Faculty presenters:

Ed Tywoniak  (Communication) "Symbols at the Edge of Time: Cosmology and Language among 21st century Australian Aboriginals"

Report on ethnographic study of contemporary Aboriginal cosmology narratives during a two-month stay at Balgo Hills in the remote desert region of Western Australia. The study included examination of visual, sonic and text-based artifacts as well as opportunities to conduct interviews, record events and participate in community life with the world’s oldest continuous culture.

Mary McCall  (Psychology) "International Efforts to Build Inclusive Communities for Older Adults"

McCall will discuss the efforts in several countries (Sweden, Israel, the U.S., Germany, Japan and the Netherlands) to build and sustain living situations for older people that provide adequate housing, with appropriate and integrated service options available.

Barbara McGraw  (Business Administration) "World Religions, the Moral Economy and Music: Three Sabbatical Projects"

Professor McGraw will give a summary presentation on the new edition of her world religion's textbook, her presentations in Athens and India and upcoming publication on "Religion and the Moral Economy in Global Perspective," and the return to her roots in music.

Hiroko Nakano  (Psychology) and Mari-Anne Rosario (Physics) "An Analysis of Electroencephalographic (EEG) Oscillations in Argentine Tango Dancers"

Certain mental activities may be characterized by EEG oscillations of particular frequencies. In this talk, Nakano and Rosario will discuss power changes in different frequency bands in the EEG of experienced Argentine tango dancers while listening to music. Present preliminary work on paired dancers as they dance will also be presented.

Please plan to join us for a stimulating afternoon and light refreshments!