Field of Dreams -- High School Sports Movies Capture Imaginations

Saint Mary's College Professor Robert Bulman was quoted in a Contra Costa Times story about Hollywood's portrayal of the high school sports experience on film. Bulman is the author of the newly released book, "Hollywood Goes to High School -- Cinema, Schools, and American Culture."

"I don't think Hollywood captures the sports culture terribly well in general, just as it doesn't capture high school life, overall, very accurately," Bulman says. "The thing that stands out to me is that these are not so much sports movies anyway, but coming-of-age films in which sports sort of serves as a metaphor for life after high school."

"You see a lot of these films that are very regionally specific -- tied to places where the athlete is elevated to a level above all other students," says Bulman. "While there's a certain amount of reality to this portrayal, it's probably exaggerated a bit. Of course, every high school has a status hierarchy, but different schools in other locales are going to define status differently."

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