Tuition Assistance

What you need to know about TAP (tuition assistance programs).

BA in Liberal Education for Arts Professional (LEAP)

LEAP Tuition Fund                                                                                       
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Kalmanovitz School of Education

Reduced Tuition Program for Catholic School Teachers, Counselors and Administrators
The Kalmanovitz School of Education offers a reduced tuition program for teachers, counselors and administrators who have been employed full-time for the past year in a Catholic elementary or secondary school, or who have a contract for such service for the coming year. A 50% reduction in tuition is available for the first six KSOE units taken in the given year; the reduction does not apply to any other Saint Mary's course or programs.

To claim the tuition reduction, a "Catholic School Educator Tuition Waiver Application" form, obtained from KSOE, must be signed by the respective Catholic school pastor or principal, and filed at the time of registration. A new application must be filed each year the student wishes to claim the tuition reduction.