First Ever Salli Awards

In celebration of wrapping up the first academic year using Salli (the content management system for our website), College Communications and Web Services wanted to honor individuals who have done amazing things with the new website. Thus, the Sallis were born. Congratulations to all the winners, and a big thank you to all our content managers for a great year of web wediting!

"Superabundant Salli Updater" Award: Kory Hayden

With 2,521 edits, Kory wins the award for making the most page updates since the site launched.  Whew!  That's a lot of updating!

"Salli Subjects" Award: Rachel Gordon and Jackie Williams

In recognition of being our test subjects for new features, big and small.

"Sallied Out Landing Page" Award: Tracey Donaldson

Tracey, the content manager for the Registrar's site, has put the features of Salli to good use.  Check out her color scheme!

"Super-Salli-tasker" Award: Sara Mumolo

Sara has done great work on not one, but two separate websites.  Both the MFA in Writing and Center for Environmental Literacy sites look fantastic!

"De La Salli" Award: Sister Jodi Min and the Mission and Ministry crew

The De La Salli Award recognizes the section of the website that exemplifies the mission of the college, and the Mission and Ministry Center has done just that. Sister Jodi leads the charge by uploading great photo galleries of mission events, such as a Women's Retreat and the Blackfeet Immersion.

"Sallirific Student" Award: Kathleen Esling

Working with the Performing Arts department, Kathleen has helped to make sure that every audition, performance and notable alum makes it to the website.

"Fanta-Salli-stic Faculty" Award: Michael Barram

The Theology and Religious Studies section of the website is a large one, and Michael has done a great job maintaining every bit of it.

"Superb-alli Staff" Award: Jane Joyce

Many staff members support multiple programs, but Jane supports an entire school!  Jane not only whipped the KSOE pages into shape, she did so while the school was going through its accredditation.