Foad Satterfield

Foad Satterfield: THINGS KNOWN 

February 28 through June 9, 2019


Things Known, Foad Satterfield’s new body of paintings, is a dynamic revelation, a personal and visual poem, drawn from his life experience in and of nature. In these revelatory narratives, Satterfield directly applies to his works the code he sees emerging from the natural world. He uses these motifs as a pictorial language as well as a strategy for addressing issues of inequality, inequity, the environment, and social discord.  That is, Satterfield navigates these urgent concerns by drawing on the power, magnificence, and dread associated with nature and life.

In regards to craft, Satterfield’s paintings are rich and textured, immediate and determined. He employs purposeful, calligraphic marks and controlled mounds of pigment to weave together passages and patterns to create a tapestry that defines space and time. Satterfield’s visual-linguistic explorations are also expressed through shape and color, reflecting the underpinnings of his working themes.

With Things Known, Satterfield’s intent is to pivot the provocative possibilities of his work to encourage a larger conversation about reconciliation and healing. His hope is that, through an aesthetic experience, the exhibit inspires, creates an opportunity for self-reflection, and provides the foundation from which show visitors will address the fundamental question, “How do we know and understand each other and cultivate our relationship with the natural world that surrounds us?”  Most importantly though, the work is meant to be looked upon and enjoyed.