Endorse a Prospective Student

Alumni can assist in the College's recruitment effort by recommending talented students and providing access to the Alumni Endorsement Application.

This past year we received an all time high 437 Alumni Endorsed Applications compared to 223 just two years ago.

The Alumni Endorsement gives you the ability to waive the $55 application fee for any student you recommend.  

Here’s how an application is endorsed: 

1. Ask the student to complete the Common Application online.

2. The student will write your name and graduation year in the supplement section of the Common Application.

3. The application fee gets waived once it’s submitted.

4. Pat yourself on the back for doing a good deed (helping a student and your alma mater).


Thanks to the many alums who have recommended highly qualified students in the past. Your influence can help shape the next entering class.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to encourage students to consider Saint Mary’s.

Though the Alumni Endorsement is important and valuable, it does not guarantee a student’s admission to the College.