Q & A

Some common questions you may have...

Do you have a place on campus to buy general products such as soap and snacks?

Yes. The Saint Mary's College Bookstore is open year-round. They offer snacks, hygiene products, SMC gear, cards, books, and much more. Their hours can be found here.

What if I have a package that I need to mail or receive while I'm here?

Saint Mary's College Warehouse handles packaging for temporary guests to the College. They are located near Assumption Hall, across from Galileo. For more information on the Warehouse, click here.

Saint Mary's College also has it's own USPS center located near the Bookstore.

Where do I park?

Parking is free and found throughout campus. Signs clearly define areas where parking is not permitted expect for faculty, handicap, and Resident Directors. Please take notice of this.

How do I do laundry while I am at Saint Mary's College?

Laundry machines are found in each residence hall with the exception of De La Salle, Justin, and Aquinas. For these buildings nearby machines can be found in Augustine, and the bottom floor of Mitty. The machines accept credit/debit cards, and the cost is $2.00 per load.

Is the campus safe?

Saint Mary's College has a great team of Public Safety Officers. They can be reached 24-hours at (925) 631-4282. In addition, Blue Light Phones are found throughout campus in case of an emergency. While safety is extremely important to Saint Mary's College, incidents do still occur. Therefore, be sure to lock up your vehicle and other valuable items.

What is the weather like in Moraga?

Typically, Saint Mary's College has low to moderate temperatures in the day. In the Fall and Winter, the campus has been known to receive large amounts of rainfall. At night, temperatures drop quite significantly, so be sure to pack accordingly.

Is public transportation available?

Yes. County Connection bus line offers service year-round. All the lines that travel to Saint Mary's College end conveniently at BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). One of which is in Lafayette, and the other in Orinda. From BART, the tram can go to San Francisco, Oakland, Fresno, and beyond.