Duties of Appointed Officers

Described below is the duties of the appointed officers

Membership Chairperson:

The membership chairperson shall keep the official list of names of members, their addresses and telephone numbers.  The membership chairperson shall collect all dues and publish a current roster of members

Bulletin Chairperson: 

The bulletin chairperson shall compile, print and mail bulletins to members.


The auditor shall examine the books of the Treasurer at the close of each year and make a report at the beginning of the following year.


The parliamentarian shall be familiar with the bylaws of the Guild, attend all meetings and advise the President on questions of parliamentary laws as set forth in Robert’s Rule of Order (Revised) when called upon to do so.  The Parliamentarian shall serve as chairperson of the Nominating Committee.


The Historian shall take pictures at events.   A copy of all the minutes and publications of Guild events will be kept at the Saint Albert Hall Library.


The publicity chairperson shall write and publish announcements of Guild events.  This publicity chairperson shall submit articles to newspapers and publications and arrange for posters when required.