Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

The SOTL Faculty Development Fellow works with a cohort of ranked faculty to study their individual teaching practice as a scholarly discipline.

The goal of the program is to combine effective research in the field of innovative pedagogy with “significant, long-lasting learning of all students” (Carnegie Foundation). The program, based on the Carnegie Foundation model, hopes to shift the concept of teaching from a private, individual activity to teaching as a public, scholarly discipline.

The SOTL Fellow, in collaboration with the Office for Faculty Development,

  • Recruits an annual cohort of interested faculty;
  • Engages in and shares materials on current trends in higher educational pedagogy;
  • Encourages the SOTL cohort to take part in national and international SOTL conferences and organizations;
  • Organizes and moderates a series of internal cohort workshops that address issues in teaching and learning;
  • Supervises and directs new teaching/research projects conducted by members of the cohort;
  • Hosts college-wide presentations for the sharing of individual SOTL projects;
  • Edits a public, scholarly journal that showcases the work of the SOTL cohort.

Visit the SoTL website for more information.

Contact: Anna Novakov (Art and Art History)