Spotlight on Staff: Tracey Donaldson

Every month throughout the academic year the Staff Council randomly selects a staff member to celebrate in our Spotlight on Staff.  Our recipient for March 2013 is Tracey Donaldson.

Tracey DonaldsonTracey Donaldson, assistant registrar, grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and is the proud mother a high school junior who goes to Saint Mary’s High School. She has worked at various colleges in the bay area such as Cal State University East Bay and the University of California, Berkeley. April 1st marks her 5th year anniversary here at Saint Mary’s College.

Tell Us a Little About Your Job

Tracey is one of two assistant registrars in the Registrar's Office. She is in charge of the course schedules and uploading them to the college website. She designs and maintains the website pages, handles the petitions to graduate, and assesses eligibility for NCAA students.

What Do You Enjoy the Most/Find the Most Rewarding About Your Job?

Tracey feels the most rewarding part of her job is when she is able to help students. She enjoys helping frantic freshmen and watching them grow into capable seniors. She feels like the students help keep her young.

What Do You Enjoy Most About the SMC Community/Campus?

Tracey really enjoys the closeness of the small campus and the ability to get to know everyone. She enjoys meeting people from different cultures and all walks of life. She considers it such a valuable learning experience. She enjoys the fact that Saint Mary’s is a small campus and notes that it is so different than working at a large university.

Outside of Work, Is There Anything You’d Like to Share About Your Interests, Hobbies, Family, or Volunteer Work?

Tracey enjoys traveling, shopping, but mostly spending time with her family. She spends a lot of her time with her daughter and has enjoyed watching her grow. She has a passion for basketball and she is a huge Boston Celtics fan. If you want to talk hoops, go visit Tracey in the Registrar’s Office because she loves talking to students and staff about the NBA.

What Would You Like the SMC Community to Know About You?

Tracey is very compassionate about education and really likes talking to people about the importance of going to college. She constantly finds herself telling her daughter’s friends about the importance of a college education. She also likes to encourage students to get out and see what’s happening around the world so they don’t get stuck in a “college bubble.”

By Rachel Salazar