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How can I best plan my visit to Saint Mary’s College?

Tours of the College are currently being conducted Monday-Friday at 9am and 1pm with information sessions at 9:30am and at 1:30pm.  On Saturdays (September through April, except holidays), there is one tour offered at 11am with an information session at 10am.  All tours leave from the Welcome Center in Brother Jerome West hall.  You may register for the tour online at Tour Sign-up 

When are applications due to Saint Mary's College of California? 

Early Action (Non-binding): December 15

Regular Deadline: January 15

When must I commit to becoming part of the Saint Mary’s Gael community?

Commitment Deadline: May 1

Further information for Admissions & events for interested students may be found at Admissions FAQ.  



What if my student is interested in playing Division I athletics at Saint Mary’s?

Check out the Saint Mary’s College Athletics homepage: http://smcgaels.com.  There you can find information on any one of Saint Mary’s fourteen Division I teams, and information to get in contact with a coach.

What if my student wants to stay involved in sports but doesn’t want to compete on the Division I level?

Athletics & Recreational Sports provides a variety of opportunities for students to actively stay involved.  Saint Mary’s offers over 10 Club sports, offers numerous intramural activities and daylong outdoor adventures.  For information, please visit the Athletics department website.



How/where can I get my bill? 

Saint Mary's College bills exclusively through the web. The official billing statement may be viewed by accessing GaelXpress and clicking on "View My Bill/Make a Payment." Students receive an email on their SMC email account every time a bill is available for viewing. It is the student's responsibility to maintain and manage his/her SMC email email account.

What if parents pay the student’s bill? How do parents log-in to view and pay the bill? 

Students must set up Authorized Payer profiles for parents, grandparents, or anyone else they wish to have access to view their bills and make payments online. Authorized Payers will receive an email when a bill is ready.  E-check payments may be made online.  Mailed checks may be sent to: Saint Mary's College, PO Box 4600, Moraga, CA 94575-4600. Please note: Saint Mary’s does not accept credit cards for tuition and fees.

When is the balance due?

Please contact the Business Office at (925) 631-4209 for specific due dates within each semester. Generally, tuition is due in the first week of August for the fall semester and the first week in January for the spring semester. All students must have a zero balance to be considered in good financial standing. Zero balance accounts will allow you to register for future terms, receive transcripts, participate in the housing selection, etc. 

What if my balance is not paid on time? 

If the balance, net of any pending financial aid, is not paid on time, you will be assessed a $50 late payment fee and will be subject to having your classes dropped. A "hold" will be placed on your account. Other fees may apply.  Collection efforts will begin. No enrollment will be granted if there is a balance due and removal from campus housing, if applicable, will be pursued.

Why am I being charged for medical insurance if our family has our own plan?

Every year students must provide proof of insurance. If proof of coverage is not provided, you will be billed a medical insurance fee. To waive this fee you must go to the Health & Wellness Center website. The waiver must be completed by the beginning of the fall semester, each year. No other opportunity to waive the insurance fee will be granted.

For future submission dates and other information pertaining to medical insurance, please contact the Health & Wellness center at (925) 631-4254, or visit the insurance portion of their website.

What if I have to withdraw from Saint Mary’s?

Saint Mary’s College will refund 85% of tuition for withdrawals at the end of the first week of the term, 80% at the end of the second week of the term, and 75% and the end of the third and fourth week. After the fourth week, there will be no refunds. If you are living on campus, please consult the Residence Hall and Dining Service License for the terms and conditions.

For additional information on billing, tuition and fees, please visit the tuition area within the Admissions & Aid site.



What forms are required for Freshman and Transfer students?

All new students are required to submit a complete Medical History Form before they begin classes at Saint Mary’s College.  This information can be found at the health center

How do I delete the Student Health Insurance charge on my bill?

Every year students must provide proof of insurance. If proof of coverage is not provided, you will be billed a medical insurance fee.  To waive this fee you must go to the Health & Wellness Center website. For questions regarding the insurance, please contact the Health and Wellnes Center at 925-631-4254.

Can students use the Health Center if they do not have the school insurance? 

All full time undergraduate students are eligible to use the Health Center regardless of their insurance.  For more information, please visit the Health & Wellness Center website.

What services are provided in the Health Center? 

The Health Center is similar to an Urgent Care Clinic.  Students are treated for acute physical and mental health conditions and, if necessary, the center bridges students with physicians in the community for continued care.  Typical concerns treated in the Health Center may include upper respiratory infections, rashes, orthopedic conditions, urinary tract infections, women’s health issues, anxiety, depression and eating disorders.  



Does Saint Mary’s offer counseling for students?

Counseling and Psychological Services provides a full range of counseling services, including individual, couples and group.  Topics include transition and change, self-esteem issues, relationship issues, identity, grief/loss, substance abuse, body image/issues with food, depression and anxiety. The Center also offers crisis intervention, assessment and referral to screened professionals in the local community.

In order to better accommodate the need for more immediate assistance, a limited amount of hours will be set aside each week for walk-in services. 

If students are unable to attend walk-in hours, they will be offered the next available appointment with one of the staff.  During Counseling and Psychological Services hours, if a student’s situation is an emergency, arrangements can be made for the student to be seen immediately. 

How does my student make an appointment?

Your student may come into the Counseling and Psychological Services (Augustine Hall, ground floor) to complete a brief admission questionnaire. An appointment will be made for your student or, if a counselor is available, they can be seen immediately.

Who qualifies for Counseling and Psychological Services?

Counseling and Psychological Services is the primary provider of psychological services for full-time undergraduates at Saint Mary's College.



What are some academic resources available for my student?

The Tutorial and Academic Skills Center (TASC) provides support to all undergraduates who seek greater academic success, regardless of level of academic performance. Tutorial services are free for all currently enrolled undergraduates, and tutoring is available for almost all courses in both individual and group settings, depending on demand and subject matter. The Center also helps enhance academic skills such as time management, note-taking, writing, study techniques, reading comprehension and more.

How will Saint Mary’s College assist my student with disabilities?

Reasonable and appropriate accommodations for individuals with qualifying disabilities are extended through the office of Student Disability Services.  Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Student Disability Services Coordinator at (925) 631-4164 to set up a confidential appointment to discuss accommodation guidelines and available services. All disability information is kept in strict confidence and is only shared on a “need to know” basis in order to facilitate accommodation requests or as otherwise necessary to meet the needs of the student. 



May students bring cars to campus?

Yes, students may bring a car to campus. For information on parking permits, please contact Public Safety.

Is it true that freshmen are required to live on campus?

Yes!  Campus research shows that students who live in residential housing their freshmen year have significantly greater academic success (SMC Fact Book 2008). Saint Mary’s provides an integrated, intense, focused and fun first year experience that is provided through a student’s home in the residences.

For more information on living on campus, and for specific Campus Housing questions, please visit the living on campus area of the site.