Here are some examples of Webform field components (fields).

  • A textfield is a box that allows a single line of text
  • Common uses:  First Name, Last Name, Phone, Address, City,  Zip, Student ID#
Must be 7 numbers.

  • Use this form component whenever you want a user to enter an e-mail or email (both are correct)
  • Webform will allow you to use an e-mail form component to send out a confirmation email

  • A box that allows the user to enter several lines of text
  • Useful for comments and open ended questions

Select Option
  • Allows the user to select from a list of options
  • Used for radio buttons, checkboxes and dropdowns

Radio Buttons

  • User may only check one item


  • User may check more than one box (or no boxes)

Dropdowns - Select one item only

  • Userful for long lists
  • This confirguration allows user to select only one item (the Multiple box is unchecked)
  • California is the default

Dropdowns - Select multiple items

  • Userful for long lists
  • This confirguration allows user to select multiple items (the Multiple box must be checked)
  • To select multiple itmes, hold the Ctrl button down while clicking on the items
  • Cannot change the size of the box.
  • California is the default
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