Former ABC "Bachelor" Offers View into Military Medicine Careers

Lt. Andy Baldwin, M.D. discusses Naval medicine careers with students at an Oct. 1 session in the Soda Center.One of the guests at the Oct. 1 Career Fair was already a familiar face. Several students recognized U.S. Navy medical recruiter Lt Andy Baldwin, M.D. from his starring role on the 2007 season of ABC's "The Bachelor."

These days, Baldwin discusses his experience as a Navy doctor with audiences around the county, including college students considering careers in military medicine. In a School of Science evening event at the Soda Center, he emphasized the positive role the Navy has played in his life.

"I entered a system where we were a team. They taught you discipline and time management," Baldwin told an audience of around 60 students. "It's about knowing yourself, prioritizing and getting stuff done and with that, you can do whatever you want."

A former Navy ROTC student at Duke University who went on to earn his M.D. from the University of California–San Francisco, Baldwin has served as a naval physician since 2003. His assignments have included treating Navy Seals for decompression sickness treatment cases. He was also part of the diving team that found the remains of the World War II–era U.S.S. Lagarto submarine. Baldwin counts humanitarian missions to countries such as Laos, the Philippines, Palau and Mexico as one of the best parts of his job.

"I cherish the times with the kids I meet," he said.

Several students said Baldwin's talk gave them a fuller picture of military medicine options.

"It was good to see what you could do with a medical career that involves more than staying at home in the United States," sophomore Wayne Doyle said.

--Waioli Shannon ‘09

Office of College Communications