Former Gael Represents Canada in Baseball Classic

Mark Teahen '03, who plays third base for the Kansas City Royals, played for Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic in March.

Teahen was born in America, but even as a boy growing up in Southern California he embraced his Canadian roots. Teahen's father, Michael, played baseball for a team in Stratford, Canada, and also played for Team Canada in the Pan Am Games.

Mark's parents moved to California before he was born, but he heard plenty of stories growing up from his Canadian dad. Teahen applied for Canadian citizenship in 2004, hoping to join the country's Olympic squad, but his application wasn't processed in time. He ultimately got citizenship and was thrilled to compete in the World Baseball Classic.

Canada was out after the first two games, but Teahen told the Kansas City Star that he was happy to have played.

"For me, never having played in a playoff game, the experience of that first game, playing the U.S. up there (in Toronto), and the intensity of it — it was awesome," Teahen said.