Four Faculty Members Honored at 2013 Scholars Reception

Provost Beth Dobkin with (left to right) Keith Garrison, Rebecca Carroll (who attended via Skype), Cynthia Ganote and Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo. Four outstanding Saint Mary’s faculty members were honored at the Scholars Reception on February 22, 2013. The awards, which complement the Professor of the Year award, recognize tenured faculty members for their excellence in three major areas: teaching, research-scholarship, and service. The fourth award, the Early Career Award, recognizes a new outstanding pre-tenured track faculty member. Each of the awards carries a stipend of $ 5,000.

Provost Beth Dobkin welcomed dozens of faculty members to the reception, and Professor Steve Bachofer, director of faculty development, announced the winners. Dobkin also announced  that Professor Cynthia Ganote has been chosen as the new director of faculty development and that Professor Mary McCall would be the interim director while Ganote is on sabbatical.

Below are the award winners and the statements about each honoree that were read at the ceremony.

Teaching Excellence – Cynthia Ganote

In the letter of nomination, she is described as a dynamo who has invigorated the whole department.  She continually crafts her assignments utilizing multiple assessments to aid student learning.  The nomination letter also states, “Her respect for the dignity of each student and her commitment to an inclusive learning environment comes through not only in the sensitive way in which she conducts each class but in her constant assessment of her own effectiveness as an instructor.”    

Faculty Research Scholar – Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo

She has impeccable scholarly credentials. The nomination letter highlights that she has authored at least three books in her discipline. In these books, Gretchen gives voice to the oral histories of individuals who might not be heard, so she chronicles important historical events. She has been recognized and invited to guide others on how to conduct oral histories. She has consulted on a PBS documentary and served as a consultant to the National Parks Service for the Richmond Home Front (Rosie the Riveter) National Historic Site.

Faculty Service – Rebecca Carroll

She is a person who receives praise for her efforts from individuals of all the College’s schools. She has served important roles, such as senator, and leadership roles, such as Academic Senate chair and chair of the Rank and Tenure committee. She has also received accolades for the role of mentoring new faculty. This summary barely covers the numerous ways that she has served the College.

Early Career Award (Scholar) – Keith Garrison

He has received grants to support his scholarship and he has mentored an undergraduate research student. This research led to a paper in which the student was a co-author.  His scholarship on grape cultivars builds on his doctorate in genetics and represents a new direction from his thesis research.