Friend Saint John Baptist De La Salle

De La Salle is on Facebook, the popular social-networking website, thanks to a Saint Mary's freshman who has long been a fan of Lasallian education.

Molly Allen, 18, of Providence, R.I., is a regular in the Mission and Ministry Center who volunteered to make a Facebook friend site for the founder of the Christian Brothers.

"I just jumped right on it," says the English major. She pulled together De La Salle quotes, books and more for an informative and fun page: the saint's employer is listed as God, his position is the patron saint of teachers and his activities include spreading the word of God worldwide.

"It's a little bit corny," Allen says. "But I was surprised that a lot of people on campus didn't know who he was. Students are on Facebook all the time, so this is an easy way to access information."

Within a few weeks, De La Salle had more than 130 friends; at press time he had 257. Allen plans to keep the page active.

You can become his friend by going to