From Big Data to Consulting Projects in India, SEBA Students Learn to Be Responsible Leaders

Elfenworks Center for Responsible BusinessIn order to show leadership, the School of Economics Administration works with organizations and students to help improve the world we live in for all future generations.

This year, The Elfenworks Center for Responsible Business held a conference called Power of Big Data For the Social Good: Successes and Challenges to have a dialogue on what Big Data means for businesses and non-profit organizations, the successes and challenges of collecting Big Data, how they are currently used or misused (or can be) by both for-profits and non-profits and identifying promising areas for management research and education in Big Data. The conference will have two panels followed by a keynote speech.

The first panel, Power of Big Data for Social Good: Successes and Challenges, focused on examples of how such processes can be used for social good (including various points of view about what is ‘social good’) as well as what are some of the challenges confronting the use of ‘big data’. The second panel, Making Use of Big Data: Techniques, Applications and Partnerships, will give participants the chance to hear from researchers and practitioners about the research methods and strategies they used to overcome the challenges of using big data for social good. It will be an interactive session, to allow participants to meet in small groups with the panelists and exchange ideas, explore partnerships, and develop some possible next steps to use data sustainably and responsibly. The keynote address speaker was Jeanne Holm. 

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Global MBA PresentationsProfessor Linda Herkenhoff lead the Global Executive MBA Project Presentation on December 14, 2016 bringing in an audience of 100 people who came to see the student present social justice projects from India. “The students traveled to India in order to meet personally with their clients and marginalized communities in March, as part of their global MBA program,” said Professor Linda Herkenhoff.

Three teams created projects. The first worked with Aahdhaar Card, the most widely accepted identification card for government supported social benefits and services in India, for the Don Bosco Research Center Social Services Identity Project. The second team worked with non-profit organization Akansksha, which provides free K-10 education, using a charter school approach, to low-income children living in the slums of Mumbai and Pune, in order to help them plan for the eventuality that there may be no government mandated CSR tax or cooperation to provide the facilities that house Akanksha schools. The third team did a consulting project with The Navshrushti International Trust which launched the second freedom struggle of India in order to help the country achieve economic, social, and moral freedoms not currently held.

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India projects Global MBA Saint Mary’s Global Executive MBA Program offers a rare opportunity to understand the core MBA disciplines while navigating cultural experiences first-hand and practicing responsible business on a global basis. Students, in addition to their core work visit places like Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, India, Kenya, New Zealand, Philippines, Rwanda, Spain, Thailand, Uganda, and Zanzibar, which exposes them to global issues, a component not available in basic MBA programs.

About The Global Executive MBA Program

Whether you own a small business with global ambitions or dream of being a social entrepreneur or aspire to run a business unit with a global reach, a Global Executive MBA provides the core MBA discipline while immersing you in cultural experiences from places that include Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, India, Kenya, New Zealand, Philippines, Rwanda, Spain, Thailand, Uganda, and Zanzibar.

The coursework is completely designed to teach responsible business on an international basis. The experiential learning format prepares you to successfully manage real-world business challenges. 

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