From Classroom to Courtside

Dominic D.

Dominic Drury 
BA in Kinesiology '18
Saint Mary’s College of California 
Emphasis: Sport and Recreation Management

Why did you choose to major in Kinesiology with a Sport and Recreation Management Emphasis?
I have always known that I wanted to go into sports business. I used to write sport articles and in high school I worked for our athletic department as an assistant to the Athletic Director. I have also never really been a big science guy.

What do you hope to do in the future and how will your Kinesiology degree help you accomplish your goals?
I would love to be the Director of Basketball Operations for an NBA team. However, there are several different career paths I could take with my experiences and coursework from Saint Mary's. I could also see myself working in the front office of an NBA or MLB team. All my Kinesiology classes so far have been different and have provided me with a broad scope of different career opportunities I could pursue. With coursework from law, to facilities, to psychology, the Department of Kinesiology does a great job at providing their students with all the potential options available for them in the sports world.

How has Kinesiology helped you in your day to day duties as a manager?
The Kinesiology program has helped me a lot with my job as a manager. It has helped me utilize exceptional organizational skills to develop and facilitate day to day team operations for practice, games, travel, and locker room management. It has also helped me deliver superior performance when leading team drills and scrimmages. As the most senior undergraduate manager, it has helped me oversee and communicate effectively with the four other managers.

Are you considering graduate school? 
I definitely want to go to graduate school and be a Graduate Assistant for a major Division I team. I have yet to decide if I want to stay at Saint Mary's College or go to another program and make brand new connections. I'm not exactly sure what I would want to study, but I would most likely want to pursue a master’s degree in Sport Management.

Dominic L.

Dominic Lippi
MA in Kinesiology '17
Undergraduate: Whitman College
Undergraduate Major: Rhetoric Studies

What is your favorite part about the Graduate Kinesiology program?
My favorite part about the Graduate Kinesiology program is the intention of the classes. The instructors design the courses to prepare students for real experiences and challenges they will face in their respected professions. For me personally, I have been able to take bits and pieces from each class that will allow me to have a well-rounded education and understanding of sport management and how athletic departments operate as a whole.

Why did you choose to go to Saint Mary's College instead of going to another school?
I chose Saint Mary's for two reasons. First, I was presented the opportunity to work for the Men's Basketball team which was an incredible opportunity I could not pass up, and secondly I received positive recommendations from others who had already gone through the program. The College is in a great location close to my home and also has a concentration in Sport Management that I was interested in.

What is your favorite part about working for the Men’s Basketball team?
My favorite part about working for the basketball team is the relationships. Working with the players on a daily basis and developing relationships with them on and off of the court is a lot of fun for me. The coaching staff has mentored and guided me in my time here and given me great amounts of knowledge and insight that I did not previously have. The players, coaches, managers, and administrators part of Saint Mary's Basketball create a close family that makes it all worth it.

What do you hope to accomplish after you graduate?
After I graduate, I hope to get a full-time position in some capacity at Saint Mary's or another men’s basketball program. I want to be a Head Coach at the college level, so the next step in my career would either be a Director of Basketball Operations, Assistant Coach, Director of Player Development, or Video Coordinator. Any of those roles here or at another good basketball program would be ideal.