from Some Versions of the Street

By Sharon Lynn Osmond

an interval



She leans into it, buttons her brown coat, spills oranges from a torn bag
--corporeal orbs among the dim litter of gray stones
rocky October pewter light

At her feet, paired sparrows forage
sifting bone sifting bone

severed landscape

loosed like sand


I lean into it, and it gives
Edges ravel fragile
Salt-grass fills blind diamonds

my eyes

Soldiers forage near me
sifting bone sifting bone



Sharon Lynn Osmond MFA '07 has published poetry and prose in The Colorado Review, Five Fingers Review, New American Writing and Xantippe. Her book-length poem, Behind the Eye, was a finalist for the National Poetry Series and for the May Swenson Poetry Award. Currently, she hosts a series of lunchtime poetry readings in her garden and serves as an editorial associate with Apogee Press.