From the Editor

Dear Readers,

With this issue, we enter Year II of the reconceived and redesigned Saint Mary's magazine. This issue's feature content explores three themes: the Saint Mary's commencement experience and what makes it distinctive; the life experiences of four women alumnae during the four decades since the College became co-ed in 1970, and the recently published papal encyclical on love.

For the commencement feature, a photojournalist was turned loose last May to capture the emotion and celebration of the College commencement experience. He discovered what many of you already know: a Saint Mary's commencement begins days before the actual event and doesn't really end until well after all the diplomas have been handed out. Although the essay, on pages 22-29, chronicles the 2006 commencement, we hope it reconnects you to your own graduation experience.

Our "Daughters of Saint Mary's" feature, on pages 12-19, co-written by Erin Hallissy and Debra Holtz, revealed some unexpected insights. I hate knowing how a good story ends before I've been able to read it myself; no secrets revealed here.

Pope Benedict XVI's encyclical Deus Caritas Est (God is Love) was the subject of a campus visit last spring by Bishop Allen H. Vigneron, who graciously allowed us to excerpt his remarks here.

Last year, our academic community actively discussed evolving perceptions about academic integrity — an issue of growing interest and concern on many college campuses. We invited two Saint Mary's faculty members to weigh in on this important subject; their thoughtful — and contrary — points of view are found on page 9.