Gael Glimpses

  • Julia Barboza '05

    Glimpsed on April 4, 2019
    For the 10th consecutive year, Julia Barboza, Elsie Wanton, Catherine (Johnson) Knight, Jenny Bruton, Danielle Tinsley, Cheryl’Berna Adams, and Sofia Navarro gathered to welcome the holiday season. Pictured here on the deck of their holiday chalet...
  • Lizalou Bosman-Butler '04

    Glimpsed on April 4, 2019
    Lizalou Bosman-Butler graduated from Lincoln Law School of San Jose in May 2017 with her Juris Doctor and took the February 2018 bar. She wrote that she is thankful for her supportive family and that she “knows not to consent to a search without a...
  • Jaime Fernandez '01

    Glimpsed on April 4, 2019
    After eight years of teaching high school theology and history, serving as social studies department chair, and coaching football, Jaime Fernandez became the founder/owner of Three Sisters Artisanal Meats, makers of authentic, artisanal, old-world...
  • Andrew Hurley '98

    Glimpsed on April 4, 2019
    Alumni Gaels Andrew Hurley, Brandon Feldman, Jack Mulligan, Daniel O’Connell, Phil Cordano ‘99, Alex Muller, Ray Cordano, Ryan Kotarba, Damian Hunt, Pete Kelly (senior of the year), Paul Cochrun, and Nick Selimov gathered this spring at Saint Mary...
  • Alvaro Ramirez '97

    Glimpsed on April 4, 2019
    On Dec. 9, 2017, Professor Alvaro Ramirez hosted an annual Posada in his home. Thirty alumni (representing classes from 1997 through 2017) attended with their families.
  • David W. Ness '90

    Glimpsed on April 4, 2019
    David W. Ness, CPA, has been selected to be president/CEO of MERCO Credit Union. David had been executive vice president/CFO for the past 18 years. David began his career working in the Silicon Valley office of Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC) under...
  • Mallory Wall '84

    Glimpsed on April 4, 2019
    Mallory Wall, a third-generation construction industry professional, was promoted to vice president and director of project management at BCCI Construction Company. Since starting her career more than 30 years ago at her father’s general...
  • Andres B. Reyes Jr. '72

    Glimpsed on April 4, 2019
    Congratulations to Justice Andres B. Reyes Jr. on his appointment as the 177th associate justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. He was also given the outstanding alumnus of the year award at La Salle Greenhills High School in the...
  • John Riley '68

    Glimpsed on April 4, 2019
    John Riley retired this year as the head of credit review after 25 years with Silicon Valley Bank and 47 years in banking.  
  • Michelle Ellis Cooke '12

    Glimpsed on February 21, 2019
    A former professional ballet dancer, Michelle Ellis Cooke attended Saint Mary’s Liberal Education for Arts Professionals Program, earning her bachelor of arts degree. The following year, she began studying international affairs and working for the...