Gael Trailblazer and Mobile Banking Pioneer Makes Giving Back a Priority

Kim Vogel ’89, MBA, holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Saint Mary’s and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Both have provided the perfect foundation on which to build an extraordinary career. Throughout her professional journey, she has taken being a member of the Gael community to heart and given back in myriad ways. 

“By far my education at Saint Mary’s was unequivocally instrumental to my success. Neither of my parents went to college. Saint Mary’s was a perfect place to grow and learn in a safe environment. Starting off at Saint Mary’s provided me with the foundation I needed to then succeed at Harvard. Those two experiences combined were transformative, and I see the value of my education in my overall success. Saint Mary’s serves other individuals and families like mine. This is why giving back to the Saint Mary’s community is so important to me. I want others to have the opportunities that I had,” explained Vogel.

As a serial entrepreneur, Vogel became an early executive at pioneering mobile banking and payments technology company mFoundry. She served as CFO for almost a decade. Vogel next co-founded BaseVenture in the Bay Area, which develops innovative solutions in the areas of financial reporting, data visualization, and process management. 

“It all started with math. When I arrived at Saint Mary’s I thought I wanted to be a math major. Then, I took Introduction to Accounting and Intermediate Accounting with Professor Stan White, and discovered I liked it. By junior year, I no longer wondered about what I wanted to pursue. It put me on a clear path,” Vogel said.

Vogel was recently recognized as one of San Francisco Business Times’ Most Influential Women of the Year in 2019. She advocates for women’s leadership in the corporate sector and was a panelist at two Saint Mary’s women’s leadership events this past year. Vogel was also a professor in the MBA program and undergraduate School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA), and served on the SEBA advisory board (2014–2017). She now serves on the Board of Trustees.

“I love serving on the Board at Saint Mary’s as it keeps me in touch with those who are just beginning their careers and gives me an opportunity to inspire students to forge innovative careers, while also demonstrating that giving back is a way of life,” Vogel said.