Gaels face off British Columbia

Saint Mary's Men's rugby did not stay close to home last Saturday. The top twenty-five players made their way to British Columbia to play them once again.In the 20 degree weather they faced UBC on their home field, Thunder Bird Stadium. The Gaels were only the second team to have played on UBC's new field. Although this time around British Columbia got the upper hand with a win of 40-5, the Gaels still strive on. No matter the loss it was a leasson learned for Saint Mary's. They are now moving on to better themselves and start the season off with a win against UC Davis next Saturday.

On March 5, A side and B side go against UC Davis. This game will start off the CPL for the Gaels. Last year they may have lost during the season, but beat them during the playoffs and are looking to beat them again. In a brief interview with Bubba Jones he expected, "to win all sides, because that's the mentality we have going in". Go Gaels!

Story by Gabriella Gaytan - Mares