Gaels Vote

Jordan Marvin '13

"You headed to the polls?" Jordan Marvin '13 asked as he jumped out of the maroon CILSA van.

The students, who were waiting for a ride to the polling place at the Moraga Library, nodded.

"Ok - we're taking off in about 15 minutes."

While the students waited for the shuttle, Jordan talked about driving the election shuttle, sponsored by CILSA. "It's great to see people actually going to vote. CILSA… registered so many people. Hopefully a big part of the population here at Saint Mary's does vote because then it feels like our work has paid off."

CILSA's work has definitely paid off.  During the months leading to the election, they helped over 500 voters register, including over 100 during Gaelebration.

Christina Nguyen '16 and Aleysha Thomas '16 were among those waiting for the shuttle to take off. This was the first election for both of them.

Christina registered to vote on move-in day, due in part to pressure from her brother. She was nervous about her first time voting, but said, "I feel like once you turn 18, and you can vote, you can make a difference. This is a good opportunity to get your voice heard."

Aleysha Thomas '16 and Christina Nguyen '16

Aleysha, a politics major, was more excited. "I feel privileged, and I'm excited to exercise my right," she said. "All we ever talk about is elections!"

Though she was proud to cast her ballot, she wishes her vote would mean more at the national level.

"I feel we should have a proportional Electoral College, where if 10 people vote, three for Romney and seven for Obama, then 70 percent of the electoral votes would go to Obama and 30 percent for Romney. Even though it's sad to say… if you don't live in Florida or Ohio, your vote really doesn't matter. And I don't like that. My vote is important, too!"

As they climbed into the van to head for the polls, all three students agreed that their peers should vote. If for no other reason than, as Jordan said, "You can't [complain] if you don't vote."