Delly in LondonYou know you're a Gael when the "we" in "we are playing" means the Aussie Boomers, not the USA team.  Delly and a few other Gaels traveled to London this summer for the 2012 Olympic Games.


Matthew Dellavedova '13 (fondly known as Delly) and Patrick Mills (aka Patty) both hit the court for the Boomers, the Australian national team.  Delly was the only returning college player at the games, and he heads back to Saint Mary's having faced some of the best players in the NBA (including wrestling for the ball with Kobe).  We'll forgive him for wearing green and gold once he dons (no pun intended) the red and blue once more.


Rob Browning, head coach of the Gaels Women's Volleyball team, traveled to London as the team manager for USA men's volleyball.  Read his blog about the experience.

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