Game On - Tina Sanchez '07



Tina Sanchez ’07 was always passionate about video games. Her dad gave her a Nintendo NES at the age of 4 and she continued to play throughout her childhood.

As her senior year at Saint Mary’s wound down, Sanchez, an English major, was playing XBox with her friends in Ageno West and knew they were in the midst of scheduling and preparing for interviews with several companies. She, too, was trying to figure out her post-undergraduate life and narrowed it down to law school or video games.

Tina Sanchez '07Quite the contrast, wasn’t it?

Sanchez did some research on the industry and made a trip to GDC, the Game Developers Conference, in San Francisco and it opened up a world of possibilities.

“I went to that with my resume and I introduced myself to a lot of people,” she said. “I learned that there are marketing components, there’s PR, there’s editorial, there’s development and I knew after going to that event in San Francisco, that was the career path I wanted to take.”

She pointed out the broad abilities and backgrounds of those she works with and how your passion is what shines through.

“It doesn’t hinder you to have any particular major in college. One of my closest friends has a master’s in religious studies and is a lead designer,” Sanchez said. “It really is sort of what you make of it. If you spend a lot of time playing games and have a great knowledge about games in general, that will put you over the edge."

Nearly a decade later, not only is she one of the few women in the industry but now plays a critical role in the development of the critically acclaimed Call of Duty series as a production coordinator for the video game developer, Infinity Ward.

This includes pitching ideas and being the producer for the user interface team, which develops the game’s various menus and indicators for the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, set for release in September.

In addition to this, she also oversees Infinity Ward’s online community and feedback.

“There are a lot of fans out there that play Call of Duty all the time and there are a lot of fans that only play Call of Duty. So they expect a really high-quality product and a lot of times they are vocal online about what they expect,” Sanchez said.

To add to the high-quality sound, she even went on a trip to Arizona with the audio team to record various explosions using C4, ANFO, and dynamite.

Sanchez broke in as a writer for Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) and also wrote for the San Francisco-based game and entertainment media company, IGN.

“One of the things I really liked about Saint Mary’s was they had us take Seminar classes, which really brought me out of my shell and I learned how to communicate on the spot and think pretty quickly,” she said. “I wrote about video games [at EGM] for a couple of years and I was introduced to a lot of new faces, a lot of people in the industry and when there was an opening at Infinity Ward for Call of Duty, they asked me to come join them in LA.”

Sanchez combined her passion and communication skills to push her career forward.