Student Advancement Ambassadors

Answer our call to get the on-campus scoop, hear what it's like being a student today, and make a real impact in the lives of all Gaels!

The Call Center is an important part of our fundraising efforts. Employing over 20 currently enrolled SMC students, the center helps connect and strengthen the network of students, friends, parents and alumni.

Our students are eager to share their College experience with you. Our callers are not only calling to ask for financial support, they are also calling to thank you for the great opportunities and experiences they are proud to be a part of at Saint Mary's.

Who is calling me?

Student Advancement Ambassadors are current students, who represent a diverse mix of majors, campus affiliations and backgrounds. While talking to our students, please feel free to share your own experiences at Saint Mary's.

Where is the Call Center?

The Call Center is located in the same building as our Advancement Office, on the College's Rheem campus. All calls from the Call Center will show up on your phone as a (925) 631-XXXX number.

When should I expect a call?

The majority of our calls occur during the evening, Monday through Friday in order to reach you after the work day. Occasionally our students will make calls during the day to accommodate their class schedules.