At a Glance

Compare the current and planned space, and view site plans for the new Student Athlete Performance Center and improved McKeon Pavilion.

Current and Planned Space

Current Planned

 Training room: 740 square feet

Weight room: 2,500 square feet

Chairback seats: 692

Shared weight and cardio room

Training room: 1,900 square feet

Weight Room: 3,679 square feet

Chairback seats: 1,012

Varsity-only weight and cardio room

Dedicated physician exam room

Video boards

Reconfigured lobby space

Hall of Fame and hospitality room

New façade and courtyard

Site Plan

Site plan.

First Floor

New additions: Weight room, women’s volleyball locker room.

First floor map of new SAPC.

Second Floor

New additions: Expanded seating, training room, physician exam room and athletic offices.

Second floor plan for new SAPC.