It's Not Just a Gym

... It's a first impression.

Through national and internationally televised games, it's often the first glimpse of Saint Mary's that prospective students and their families ever see.

McKeon Pavilion interior.

People love watching Saint Mary’s play. Our games are televised an average of 22 times each season, including 14 on national TV and 12 on international TV. That’s why it’s so important that when people watch us compete, they see a facility that accurately reflects the strength and stature of the College.


... It's an accelerator.

A place where seeing your teammates train hard makes you train harder and where your efforts push your teammates.

SAPC Weight Room.

Powering the Gael Force and putting player health first.
Other than a tough competition on game day, there’s no better way to build camaraderie and enhance performance than training together as a whole team. When athletes train together, they compete with and encourage one another. That’s why a new weight room—as well as a new training room to help players prevent and rehabilitate injuries—is our coaches’ top priority.


... It's a torture chamber.

A Gael Force of deafening crowds and encroaching space where opposing teams come to lose their focus, to lose their nerve, to lose.

Basketball game rendering in McKeon Pavilion.

Turning up the volume on the competition.
McKeon Pavilion is renowned for the intensity of the fan experience—the closeness to the action, the noise of the Gael Force. And the intimacy that makes McKeon so exciting for fans makes it the toughest place our opponents play. Expanded seating and lobby renovations will allow even more people to come to games and ensure they’ll have an experience they will remember.


... It's a proving ground.

A place where every workout is a competition with yourself and an opportunity to get stronger, faster, more skilled.

Rendering of new McKeon Pavilion exterior. SAPC exterior.

Saint Mary’s is already well known for the quality of its coaching and both the academic and athletic performance of its student athletes. New facilities will complete the  picture, helping us attract and retain the best student athletes, many of whom are being courted by Division I competitors with much more sophisticated training and performance resources.

Putting our best foot forward.
A complete overhaul of the lobby—including a Hall of Fame hospitality room, concessions and restrooms—will energize the fan experience and improve the “curb appeal” of McKeon Pavilion both in person and on national television.

Increasing access and revenue.
New seating capacity—including additional premier seating and a limited number of private suites—will increase access to games and revenue for the College.