School of Science Equipment Initiative

Saint Mary’s has completed a $1.6 million Science Equipment Initiative, aimed at increasing our capacity for student and faculty research, student academic outcomes, and advancement of career goals.

Planning for this ambitious initiative began 5 years ago. Dr. Phil Leitner, a Professor Emeritus and a past Dean, began working with our Chairs to develop a prioritized list for immediate science equipment needs focused on the following outcomes: 

  • To ensure that the laboratory courses science majors take engage them with modern scientific techniques and instrumentation
  • To ensure our students have the tools need to engage in individual research projects, throughout the semester and as part of the Summer Research Program
  • To support a growing number of faculty with increasing instrumentation needs for research
  • To support a growing population of students pursuing science majors at Saint Mary’s

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For questions about the supporting the School of Science, please contact Heidi Stornetta Butler at (925) 631-8666.