Global Track Courses Spring 2018

GRS Global Studies Courses offered in SPRING 2018


Lower Division Requirements:
GRS 1: Offered in Fall
Anthro 1: Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology (2 sections)
Econ 4: Principles of Macro-Economics (7 sections)
History 1: World History not offered this semester
History 2: World History MWF 11:45-12:50
Politics 4: Introduction to International Politics MWF 8-9:05

UD Courses Fulfilling GRS requirements: GRS 100: not offered this semester
**must be taken at Saint Mary’s College**
GRS 130: not offered this semester
GRS 196: Senior Research Thesis TH 3-4:35

In addition to these courses, you must take six upper division courses—two in each of three groups:
Group A (Intellectual Traditions)
Group B (Issues and Topics)
Group C (Regional Studies)
Other courses may satisfy the requirement with the approval of the Director of Global and Regional Studies

Group A (Intellectual Traditions)
ECON 102: Development of Economic Thought TTH 9:45-10:20
HIST 100: The Mediterranean World TTH 11:30-1:05
POL 121: POL 121 Governing the Global Economy MWF10:30-11:35

Group B (Issues and Topics)
SOC 116: Global Migration MWF 9:15-10:20**
TRS 152: Islam: Beliefs and Practices TTH 3-4:40**

Group C (Regional Studies) :
ANTH 121: World Cultures (Eastern Europe) MWF 11:45-12:50
AH 114: Issues in African Art ***
ENGL 103: British Lit I MWF 11:45-12:50
ENGL 104: British Lit II MF 1-2:40
ENGL 163: Anglophone Literature MWF 9:15-10:20
FREN 130: French Cinema MWF 2:45-3:50
HIST 126: Nations, Nationalism and Citizenship TTH 1:15-2:50
HIST 151: Women in Latin American History MWF 2:45-3:50
HIST162: Modern China MF 1-2:40
MODL 126: Italian Film TTH 1:15-2:50
POL 147: Russian Politics TTH 11:30-1:05
SPAN 143: Contemporary Latin American Lit MWF 11:45-12:50
SPAN 161: Culture and Civilization of Latin America TTH 11:30-1:05

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