Global Executive MBA Student Receives Ramsell Scholarship

“I really like what Saint Mary’s College is doing for the local community. I like their mission and diversity."

Tina Marie Murray, Global MBA, '18Tina Marie Murray grew up outside of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her passion for writing sent her to Interlochen Arts Academy. She joined the Art for Social Change program in San Francisco at New College of California, then started acting and performing in local theatres, films and landed in the world of voice-over. She does voice animation for video, films, and documentaries.

Murray has traveled to the Ivory Coast in West Africa and Haiti to participate in aid and relief ventures. She is interested in sustainable energy for the future, such as implementing solar power and water conservation options. She sought out further education at Saint Mary’s College’s Global EMBA program to further her knowledge in marketing and advertising products. She is interested in ideas that reflect sustainable changes in a globally and corporately responsible way that takes into account the citizens of the world, as she feels communication is shifting rapidly in the modern era.

Murray started her MBA at Presidio, focused on sustainable management, but switched to Saint Mary’s this year: “I really like what Saint Mary’s College is doing for the local community. I like their mission and diversity. I was one of the only black woman in my cohort and class in San Francisco. When I entered this cohort, I was one of seven in a group of fifteen,” said Murray. She is eager to be educated in a group of her peers, and she feels that there are people here she can learn from. “The Global Executive MBA was the right fit for me. I can’t be happier that I made the switch.”

“I was really, really thankful that Yung Jae told me there were funds available. Any help anybody gives you on your educational path is a gift. That there are people out there who value graduate school education enough to know that it’s an investment—I can’t say thank you enough for it. I would like to thank them personally.”

“I’m mid-career, so going back to school versus saving for retirement was a choice for me based on what I value, based on how much I feel an educational pursuit will add to my life experience,” said Murray.

Working with like-minded individuals and putting effort into helping a country like Rwanda is something she looks forward to in the program. “I respect people who don’t just complain, but who actually do something,” said Murray. She is very excited to go to Rwanda as part of the Global Executive MBA program this year.
Murray works as the owner of Tina Marie Murray Voice. Her clients include Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments, Microsoft, 20th Century Fox Films, GM, Yahoo, Electronic Arts, Old Navy, Macy’s, General Mills and many other reputable companies. She works with script writing, audio engineering, as an on-camera spokesperson, does in-store promos, commercial radio and TV, and audio books.
She received her BA from New College of California, Art for Social Change, in Music and Arts Administration. During her time there, she was involved with Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Theater Artaud Black Choreographers Moving Toward the 21st Century and Cultural Odyssey. She has spent time volunteering for a festival in LA called Unity Day. She has also worked as a volunteer with Women in Solar, training volunteer installation of solar arrays and panels on single family and multi-unit homes in the Bay Area.

Murray likes to sing, write songs, paddleboard, work out and travel in her spare time.