Why Global Executive MBA?

Think Globally, Transform Totally

The majority of companies today do business on a global scale.  Saint Mary’s Global Executive MBA Program offers a rare opportunity to understand the core MBA disciplines while navigating cultural experiences first-hand and practicing responsible business on a global basis. 

With trips to places like Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, India, Kenya, New Zealand, Philippines, Rwanda, Spain, Thailand, Uganda, and Zanzibar, just to name a few - it is easy to realize the tremendous value this program offers almost immediately.


Immediate and practical learning:

  • Receive hands-on experience solving global business problems.
  • Travel to developed and emerging economies to learn about business in diverse regions.
  • Gain cultural and social insights that will prepare you to lead people and organizations located around the globe – with a focus on building sustainable and socially responsible organizations.
  • Learn core management and entrepreneurial skills, with examples in global business.

Transform yourself, transform your world:

  • Champion corporate sustainability by protecting the world’s environment and people while meeting profit goals.
  • Learn how to make holistic, strategic, and operational decisions focused on corporate sustainability, which balances profits with societal needs and the environment.
  • Explore complex business problems that force you to examine and define your values related to corporate ethics, corporate governance and social responsibility.
  • Increase your effectiveness as a manager by developing your appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures by studying their art, history, politics, social norms, and food.

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