GlobePost Features OpEd On Venezuela Crisis By SEBA’s Marco Aponte-Moreno 

The GlobePost logo.The news analysis website The Globe Post features an opinion piece on the political crisis in Venezuela and the possible future of the country’s controversial and embattled President Nicolas Maduro. In the commentary “Venezuela’s Maduro Will Go, It Is Just a Matter of Time,” the global business professor argues that the tenure of  Maduro is coming to an inevitable end because the “current situation in Venezuela is unsustainable. After years of authoritarianism, mismanagement, and corruption his regime has turned Venezuela – once the richest nation in Latin America – into a humanitarian catastrophe.” Aponte-Moreno’s academic research focuses on leadership and cross-cultural management, and has written extensively about political leadership in Venezuela, his native country.


Date of Mention: 
Tuesday, January 29, 2019