Grad Business Alumni Chapter Comes Alive

More than 3,500 Saint Mary’s Col-lege MBA alumni are in leadership positions in today’s marketplace, and many of its students and graduates consider the Executive MBA program one of the best in Northern California.

Graduates work in San Francisco’s Financial District, Silicon Valley and business parks around the state. But the College has not always been able to keep up with where they work and how to contact them. A growing number of alumni have wanted to get together to share ideas and resources, and current business students, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, would like to access their insight and experience.

In fall 2007, Graduate Business Alumni Chapter President Mike Clothier MBA ’06, then Yahoo’s chief of staff for engineering, teamed up with adjunct business professor David Gill to investigate how to bring graduate programs alumni back together and back to the College. After consulting with students, faculty and alumni, Clothier and Gill invited a dozen MBA alumni in Silicon Valley and a similar number in the East Bay to brainstorm ways to revitalize and expand the graduate business chapter.

In 2007–08, graduate business developed alumni leadership councils of 15 to 20 members in the South Bay and East Bay (with Sacramento and San Francisco to come in 2008–09) to put together monthly or bimonthly programs and activities.

The South Bay Graduate Business Alumni Chapter leadership council, co-chaired by Elba Linscott MBA ’08 (Cisco) and Vinod Moza MBA ’07 (Cadence), has hosted an evening symposium on business ethics, an alumni family picnic and an evening conversation on venture capital. The East Bay council, chaired by Annie Inglis EMBA ’06 (Genentech), has hosted its own symposium on business ethics, a pub night social, an evening conversation about entrepreneurship and co-hosted an evening social with the new Transglobal Executive MBA program.

The graduate business alumni programs are receiving staff support from Jacqueline Williams, who was hired in June as director of corporate recruiting and outreach in the graduate business school. Williams is working with the Alumni Office to get database and communication channels up to date. SMC alumni can help by updating their contact information online at

A number of projects are in the works, including a quarterly newsletter for SMC business alumni (and faculty and students), new chapters in Sacramento and San Francisco and alumni gatherings within corporations such as Cisco and Chevron. The chapter is also working on web-based continuing education and professional resources from SMC faculty and alumni, along with periodic social and professional networking and continuing education events.

To join the graduate chapter or share ideas of events you would like to see, contact Jacqueline Williams at or (925) 631-4653.