Violating the Honor Code

If you are suspected of violating the College's Academic Honor Code, there are steps to follow.

What do I do if I am suspected of violating the code?

  1. If your instructor suspects you have violated the academic honor code, they are asked to meet with you to discuss the situation.   
  2. If you deny responsibility and the instructor is convinced that there was no academic misconduct, then the matter ends.
  3. If the you admit the violation, then you may agree to No-Contest Resolution, which ultimatley results in the standard sanction ("XF" grade in course). Both parties must agree that a violation occurred and that the "XF" is an appropriate sanction. 
  4. If you deny the misconduct but the instructor retains their suspicion, or if both parties do not agree to the Standard Sanction ("XF" grade in course), then you will be contacted by the AHC Coordinator once the online report has been submitted by the instructor.   
  5. The Coordinator will assist you in navigating through the reporting process.  If you request a hearing, Coordinator will schedule it as quickly as possible.   
  6. The AHC Honor Review Board (consisting of 3 students and 2 faculty) will review the facts of the matter in the presence of the reporting professor and yourself, and then engage in a thorough deliberation in order to decide whether or not a violation more than likely occured, and if so, wha the sanctioning will be. 

What will the penalty be?

  • If the board finds that no violation has occured, the matter is dropped.   However, if the board finds a violation has more than likely occured, they will decide upon a sanction.  
  • Alternative sanctions may be imposed by the board depending upon the nature and circumstances of the violation. A Modified Sanction varies, and can range from reduing the assinment to failing it.
  • A Standard Sanction for a violation of the graduate and professional academic honor code is an "XF" grade for the course involved. The "XF" grade indicates a failure of the course, and an "X" signifies a violation of the academic honor code.  
  • Students may remove the "X" by successfully completing the "Integrity Seminar; an 8-week peer group that is offered every fall and spring semester.
  • Although students generally are not removed from the College for first-time violations, the Standard Sanction for a second violation is suspension from the College, and expulsion for third violations and/or extreme cases.  When referring a case to the GPAHC, a faculty member may recommend that a harsher or more lenient sanction be imposed; the final decision, however, rests with the Honor Review Board.

For more detailed descriptions of the procedures, please consult the Student Handbook.

Should I continue to go to class?

  • Continue attending class and participating in the curriculum until the matter is resolved. 

What happens to my grade in the meantime?

  • If it is necessary to submit grades before the process is completed, an "I" (Incomplete) will be submitted until the matter is resolved.