Academic Honor Code

Annual Academic Honor Council Student Retreat
Saint Mary's College is an honor code institution, where personal integrity is fostered by all members of our community.  

Honor Code

The Graduate and Professional Academic Honor Code which is seen as an integral part of our community at-large.  Written by students and faculty in 2004, the code calls for honesty, integrity, and repsect in all of our academic practices.  Our code signfies high standards of responsible research and academic practices that elevate the value of an education at our institution.   

The pledge reads as follows:  

"As a student member of an academic community based in mutual trust and responsibility, I pledge:  

  • to do my own work at all times, without giving or receiving inappropriate aid;
  • to avoid behaviors that unfairly impede the academic progress of other members of my community;
  • and to take reasonable and responsible action in order to uphold my community's academic integrity."  

Graduate and Professional Academic Honor Code


Academic Honor Council

The highly collaborative council consists of 40+ diverse faculty and student members who engage in inclusive and interactive outreach programming, unbiased adjudication process, and restorative educational sanctioning practices for students who violate the SMC Academic Honor Code.  The council creates and maintains a campus climate in which academic integrity and responsible research practices are fostered and embraced. 

  • Student and faculty members of the Graduate and Professional Academic Honor Council represent each of the academic schools. 
  • All members are held accountable for an unbiased review of reports of suspected academic misconduct.
  • As Honor Review Board members, AHC students and faculty foster an educaitonal process where reported students can absorb the value of academic integrity through sanctioning, which can include our pioneering rehabilitative Integrity Group.

Representing the Kalmanovitz School of Education


  • Suzy Thomas, Graduate Counseling 
  • Heidimarie Rambo, Graduate Teaching Leadership
  • Ani Moughamian, Graduate Research

Representing the School of Economics and Business Administration


  • Matthew Gahagan, Graduate Counseling
  • Earsy Jenkins-Crockett, Graduate Education


  • Jyoti Bachani, Graduate Business Management
  • Andras Margitay-Becht, Graduate Business Management
  • George Papagiannis, Graduate Business Management
  • Cathy Finger-Podolski, Graduate Accounting Program

Representing the School of Liberal Arts


  • Doug Paxton, Graduate Business Leaderhsip
  • Grete Stenersen, Liberal Education for Arts Professionals (LEAP)
  • Claire Williams, Graduate Kinesiology
  • Dana Lawton, MFA Dance