Support and Rehabilitation

One of the most important things to the Graduate and Professional Academic Honor Council is that we believe supporting a student is essential for learning and rehabilitation. 

A philosophy we love is that the process of going through a review board for a graduate and professional student is not meant to be seen as a "punishment," but rather a learning process to become a student with integrity. 

  • The GPAHC Coordinator, review board facilitators, and Chair are available as sources of support to help guide the student in a positive direction. Our goal is to provide an open and comfortable environment because being reported can be an emotional and stressful time for an today's over-burdened graduate and professional student.

Another part of the learning process for a reported student is to go through the Integrity Seminar.

  •  Students who are found in violation are required to attend this seminar to remove an "X" from their transcipt, that indicates an academic honor code violation has occured. This seminar is rehabilitative in nature, and receives a high percentage of positive feedback from students who have gone through the process. To learn more, please click on Integrity Seminar.

Please note: Being reported is a difficult time for students so our Coordinator is a trained counselor in order to appropriatley address your concerns.