Tuition, Scholarships & Financial Aid

Tuition covers the entire program. You pay tuition in quarterly installments, which is billed at the beginning of each academic quarter. Alternatively, you can choose the monthly payment option, which spreads your tuition payments over three (3) monthly installments per quarter. Tuition is subject to change between cohorts and does not include books and materials.


Program Tuition

EDBA $120,000
Executive MBA $74,400
Online MBA $45,480
Professional MBA $3,780 per 4-unit course*
MS Business Analytics $46,543
MS Finance $46,920
MS Management & Technology $39,780
MS Accounting $39,780


*Total Program Tuition is from $43,000-$68,040, depending on waivers


If you have any questions, contact an admissions representative at (925) 631-4888 or


We offer the following to help support your tuition and fees:

Scholarships are awarded on various criteria usually reflecting the values and purposes of the donor or founder of the award.

Payment Plans:
Plans for paying any outstanding debts. Within a payment plan, the borrower agrees to pay back a certain amount of money each month to repay the debt.

Financial Aid:
Financial assistance intended to aid students in reaching their educational goals. This assistance may come in a variety of forms such as grants, scholarships, work-study and loan programs.

Veterans' Benefits:
Saint Mary's College is approved for the continued education of Veterans and their eligible family members under the Department of Veteran Affairs. All Graduate Business Programs (MBA and MS) are recognized as full-time, and we are also proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program.