Internships & Independent Studies

Internships and Independent Study Courses provide dynamic opportunities for Graduate Kinesiology students to personalize their study with real-world experience and focused research in their areas of interest.

Current students interested in pursuing an internship or independent study course will first need to contact the Internship Coordinator, Chrissy Galli (, to obtain initial approval. Please do not begin the process by registering for either KINES 395 or KINES 399 on GaelXpress. 

After obtaining initial approval, students will then need to follow these steps to officially register for their internship or independent study:


  1. Registration directions forthcoming. Thank you for your patience!

Questions about internships? Contact our Internship Coordinator: Chrissy Galli:

Independent Study Courses

To register for an Independent Study (IS) course please follow the steps listed below and adhere to the timeline included in the IS Student Checklist:

  1. Submit the online Independent Study Petition to the Registrar. (Please make sure that the form reads "Graduate/Professional Independent Study Petition at the top.) Please fill in the form as thoroughly as possible.
  2. Be sure to select "KINES-MA" under Course Department. If this is an independent study for a course that is already in the curriculum, i.e. KINES 324, then under Course Type select "97 Graduate" and under Course Number enter KINES and then the regular course number followed by 97, i.e. KINES-324-97.
  3. If the independent study course is not part of the curriculum select "399 Graduate" under Course Type and leave the Course Number field blank. 
  4. Always specify how many units the independent study course will be fulfilling: 1, 2, or 3. Please keep in mind that a 3 unit independent study requires at least 135 hours of work (research, meetings with adviser, etc.), a 2 unit independent study requires 120 hours of work, and a 1 unit independent study requires 90 hours of work over the course of the semester.
  5. The information required for the Content, Method of Inquiry and Accountability, Reading List, and Method of Evaluation sections should be pre-arranged with your independent study instructor.
  6. Once all of the sections have been completed, click "Submit" at the bottom of the form.
  7. After the form has been submitted it will be sent electronically to the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Claire Willaims for final approval.
  8. Once final approval is given, the Registrar will automatically create a section of either KINES 399 or KINES - 97 and enroll you in it. Please be sure to check your schedule on GaelXpress to ensure that the class has been added and that the proper number of units has been specified.
  9. For additional information on the department guidelines and independent study requirements, please click here.