Graduate and Professional Academic Honor Council (GPAHC)

The GPAHC upholds the College’s graduate and professional academic honor code while promoting integrity within our academic community. 

There are two distinct Academic Honor Councils.  One is composed of undergraduate students and faculty, while the other consists of graduate-level students and faculty members.  The 2013 Graduate and Professional Academic Honor Council (GPAHC) consists of 10 students and 10 faculty members who create and maintain a campus climate in which academic integrity is fostered and embraced. 

  • Student and faculty members of the Graduate and Professional Acacdemic Honor Council represent each of the academic schools. 
  • All members are held accountable for not judging students who are reported for suspected violations of the Graduate and Professional Academic Honor Code.
  • Review Board members support graduate and professional students in absorbing the value of academic integrity through sanctioning and our rehabilitative Integrity Seminar that reported students are required to participate in.

GPSAC members serve a two year term.  Program recommendations and self-nominating applicants are accepted every December for the following year.

Representing the Kalmanovitz School of Education 2013


  • Desiree Lopez, Mathematics Teaching Credenial Program
  • Pending, Educaitonal Leadership, Ed.D. Program


  • Suzy Thomas, Graduate Counseling Program
  • Heidimarie Rambo, Graduate Teaching Leadership
  • Gloria Sosa, Graduate Counseling Program

Representing the School of Economics and Business Administration 2013


  • Steve Freeman, Transglobal Executive
  • Shipra Bhalla, Business Management
  • Karen Dhillon, Transglobal Executive
  • Chitra Vivek, Transglobal Executive


  • Jyoti Bachani, Graduate Business Management
  • Suneel Udpa, Graduate Business Accounting
  • Andras Margitay-Becht, Graduate Business Management
  • Judith White, Graduate Business Management

Representing the School of Liberal Arts 2013


  • Tara Galvez, Graduate Kinesiology
  • Timothy Williams, Graduate Leadership Studies
  • John Salvatierra, Graduate Leaderhip Social Justice


  • Doug Paxton, Graduate Business Leaderhsip
  • Grete Stenersen, Liberal Education for Arts Professionals (LEAP)
  • Claire Williams, Graduate Kinesiology