Graduate Student Spotlight: Victor Lopez MA ‘18

Victor LopezNorthern California native, Victor Lopez MA ’18, is currently the co-owner of a strength and conditioning facility, Oakland Strength, and a Graduate Student Coordinator for Strength and Conditioning at Saint Mary’s College. 

Victor developed a passion for sports conditioning and human performance during the four years he served in the United States Marine Corps. He later went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Cal State East Bay, where he volunteered as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Pioneer Athletics Department. Over the past 10 years, Victor has also gained experience as a fitness manager and developed his own fitness training company, Weights of Valor.

With aspirations of becoming a collegiate strength and condition coach and eventually an athletic director, Victor felt the Graduate Kinesiology program provided him with the best opportunity to pursue his career goals. “The Graduate Kinesiology program includes multidisciplinary components of the field, ranging from Sports Psychology to Administration of Kinesiology to Supervision and Legal Aspects, making it very appealing to someone trying to become the best as a practitioner on the floor and as an entrepreneur.” 

The Introduction to Graduate Study and Research course has been Victor’s favorite class so far. “It has allowed me to gain valuable insight on the different motivational factors and influences that impact every level of athlete ranging from youth to Olympians.” Victor has been able to apply these key principles immediately to his private business and his work with student-athletes at Saint Mary’s College.