Grow Taps SEBA Professor Michal Strahilevitz on Ways to Prevent Impulse Shopping

CNBC + Acorns logoThe financial wellness website Grow, a partner with business news outlet CNBC and the financial literacy app Acorns, features insights from Saint Mary’s Marketing Professor Michal Strahilevitz on how to avoid impulse purchases. Strahilevitz joined Saint Mary’s this month and her views are featured prominently in the Grow story “5 Smart Tips to Help You Stop Impulse Shopping.” Strahilevitz, whose academic research includes a focus on consumer behavior, offers many thoughtful observations about avoiding impulse shopping, including committing to a spending cap and if you break that commitment, promise a friend that “you will give $100 to a predetermined charity you hate.” The article notes the consequence of supporting a charity or political party you don’t particularly care for can be a great deterrent for making purchases on a whim. 

Date of Mention: 
Thursday, July 4, 2019