Meet the Fellows

Meet the Fellows

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Oluwatobi (Tobi) Babs-Ajayi

Oluwatobi Babs-Ajayi is a sophomore at Saint Mary’s College of California majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. On campus Oluwatobi (Tobi) is the Vice President of the Saint Mary’s College investment group 2021-2022 exec team where he coordinates research on potential investments, works closely with his fellow executives on managing the school’s portfolio and hosts discussions with guest speakers to improve financial literacy amongst the student body.  

As a well traveled international student, Oluwatobi has connected with people and cultures from five out of the six habitable continents. His exposure to diverse life experiences allows him to offer valuable insights when addressing problems and offering solutions. Oluwatobi’s future plans include securing a vital role in a bleeding edge fintech company “to get some skin in the game” before launching his own financial services firm with a keen focus on SME development. 

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Julien Cardenas

Julien Cardenas is a junior at Saint Mary’s College of California majoring in Business Administration with a Digital Media concentration. From growing up in South San Francisco to attending college in the East Bay’s hidden gem Moraga, Julien lives and embodies the spirit of California’s Bay Area. Coming from a Peruvian and Hispanic background, Julien is a first-generation college student proactively involved in SMC’s High Potential Program, which assists in providing access to education for students from traditionally underrepresented groups in higher education. Julien’s roles as an Orientation Leader, ‘Grub Club’ Vice President, NSLS Honor Society member, former Class of 2023 Senator, and recent induction to the Guyette Leadership Fellows fuel his passion for making a positive impact on Saint Marys along with his community. Throughout his years at Saint Mary’s, Julien appreciates the tremendous growth and self-discovery that this institution assisted with and is eager to put into Saint Mary’s what he has gotten out. 

Since he was a kid, Julien has been fascinated with all aspects of computers, digital media, and technology and distinctively recalls begging his mother to use the family computer virtually every day as a child. Through the Guyette Leadership Fellows, Julien plans to further enhance his networking, team building, and leadership skills by developing strong relationships with peers and professionals. Upon receiving his B.S, Julien intends to pursue a career in a media and technology-oriented field and obtain an MBA following a few years of work experience. He aspires to fulfill a management role at a media company whose values and work environment align with his ideologies and core ethics. In Cardenas' spare time, he enjoys going on road trips with his life-long friends, reading up on the latest technology trends and news articles, spending time with his pet parrotlet Carti, and enjoying the serene campus of Saint Mary's!

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Daniela Catubig

Daniela Catubig is a senior majoring in Business Administration with a double concentration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She was born and raised in San Francisco and is a first-generation college student. At SMC, Daniela serves as President of Gael Women in Business (GWIB), a student-led organization with a mission to inspire, promote and empower women and female-identifying individuals by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. As a Peer Mentor for the School of Economics and Business Administration (SEBA), Daniela is able to further support fellow students academically, socially, and professionally. Additionally, she manages the SEBA Instagram page where she is responsible for creating marketing collateral to increase student engagement. These roles give Daniela the opportunity to pursue her passion of  helping others craft their stories and find their ‘WHY’. Daniela is also a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honors Society, the SEBA Undergraduate Advisory Board and High Potential Program. 

This summer, Daniela is a Marketing Intern at Salesforce where she is responsible for orchestrating and expanding engagement initiatives with high-level stakeholders in efforts to strengthen customer relationships and drive pipeline growth. As she enters the workforce, Daniela has her eyes set on a career in the advertising, tech, or plant-based food industry where she hopes to increase brand awareness through visual storytelling. Her long-term goal is to obtain an MBA and harness the power of entrepreneurship within innovative industries to promote social change in communities of color. When she isn’t studying, Daniela enjoys playing basketball, dabbling in videography, and adding to her blazer collection.

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Vanessa Chena Davila

Vanessa Chena Dávila is a senior double-majoring in Justice, Community, and Leadership: General and Women and Gender Studies. She is also double-minoring in French Studies and Ethnic Studies. She was born in Mexico and immigrated with her family to California when she was almost two years old. Her transnational background has inspired her love of languages and social justice. She is multilingual and has co-hosted French storytime sessions at the Lafayette library since she was sixteen years old. The purpose of these sessions is to teach young kids French and inspire them to develop a love for reading. Additionally, she has served as a lector within the Spanish mass at her hometown’s church since she was eleven years old.  

At Saint Mary’s, Vanessa has participated in clubs and activities that align with her interests in social justice and community. As a member of Enactus during her first year, she collaborated with the Monument Crisis Center to help community members study and prepare for the civics portion of the U.S. naturalization exam. During her junior year, Vanessa was involved in the Center for Women and Gender Equity as a community engagement student. She and her CE group organized a workshop about the gender wage gap and repurposed the event into a podcast, transcription, and video recording to make it more accessible to all audiences. Vanessa plans to continue working at the CWGE this school year. After she graduates, Vanessa hopes to attend graduate school to pursue migration studies or sociology. She wants to help immigrants navigate the dualism of their heritage and American culture.  

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Andrew Guillen

Andrew Guillen is a senior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. On campus, Andrew holds an executive position in the Finance Club, co-founder and treasurer of the Vendition Sales Society of Saint Mary’s, and co-founder and treasurer of the Fishing Club. Through his on-campus involvement, he enjoys helping other students encounter new experiences that will broaden their knowledge. After college, Andrew hopes to further his internship with the FDIC to become a full-time bank examiner to help maintain the nation’s trust in financial institutions. His long-term goal is to pursue graduate school to attain an MBA, and eventually acquire a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. 

Andrew’s other passion besides finance and fishing is broadening the reach of education. He was introduced to Cristo Rey De La Salle High School in Oakland, CA as a sophomore in college, and has been a peer tutor and mentor for the students since. He believes that assisting underprivileged students receive a liberal arts education is paramount to achieving a great career and a well-lived life. Also outside of Saint Mary’s, he does field research for two start-up companies focused in both edge computing and blockchain technology. 

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Holly Nguyen

Holly Nguyen is a senior at Saint Mary’s College of California, with a triple major in marketing, digital media, and communication. On campus, Holly is President of SMC’S Marketing Club, Vice President of Net Impact, and Vice President of Public Relations for the Gael Women in Business Network. Additionally, she serves on the Undergraduate Advisory Board where she works with the School of Economic and Business Administration to improve her undergraduate peers’ academic experiences. Off campus, Holly has established her own iPhone case business, and runs an Instagram page with nearly 40,000 followers where she innovatively utilizes meme marketing to re-post and generate content to market small upcoming brands with a low marketing budget. She currently interns with a healthcare marketing agency in the bay area, where she is responsible for content writing and helping create marketing campaigns on various advertising mediums. She has a long-term goal of pursuing an MBA.

Holly hopes to work within healthcare/medicine. She desires to use her voice and skills to sustain the greater good by exercising social marketing through incorporating health and wellness to the public. Combining all her majors, she intends to bridge the gap between communication and business to help healthcare providers cultivate good corporate and social responsibility. Her passion for helping others motivates her to work in a rewarding field that allows her to positively contribute and be one with her community. When Holly isn’t pursuing her educational and professional aspirations, she enjoys shopping, traveling the world, and enhancing and designing interiors of homes and buildings. 

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Sydney Weaver

Sydney Weaver is a senior double majoring in Economics and Global and Regional Studies with a minor in Music. Sydney is the Vice-President of the Economics Society at Saint Mary’s College and loves sharing her passion for economics with other students. After graduating, Sydney hopes to gain relevant work experience. Her long-term plans include continuing her education either via pursuing a law degree or obtaining a Ph.D. in Economics. Currently, she is considering specializing in Economic Development or International Economics. 
Sydney is a San Francisco Bay Area native that has been fortunate enough to gain a global perspective by traveling to Europe, Canada, and South Africa. This has allowed her to gain the ability to understand and empathize with people from many cultural backgrounds. Sydney also has a passion for languages and wants to continue to expand her knowledge. She hopes that these skills will allow her to advocate for women’s empowerment in a global context. In her spare time, Sydney enjoys running, learning to cook, singing classical music, reading, and exploring new places.