Harper’s Magazine Features Essay “Poem for Harm” by Saint Mary’s Matthew Zapruder

Harper's Magazine logoThe essay “Poem for Harm” by Saint Mary’s English Professor and noted poet Matthew Zapruder is featured in Harper’s Magazine. Spotlighted in the Harper’s Blog Browsings, the 5,000-word analysis reflects on how language can harm, whiteness, the entitlement of white poets, and writing about Walt Whitman’s racist view of people of African descent. “Poem for Harm” is from Zapruder’s fifth collection of poetry Father’s Day. Published this fall by Copper Canyon Press, the new book includes works that address how to be a good father, partner, and citizen in the 21st century. Well-received in literary reviews, Father’s Day has been the subject of featured articles in the Washington Post, Library Journal and received a starred review from Publishers Weekly.  Read the essay

Date of Mention: 
Monday, September 16, 2019